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Lego bricks. Creative thinking. Childhood. They go together like Mickey Mouse and Disney, wizards and Harry Potter. Lego has belonged of childhood for greater than three generations. Virtually everyone under 50 has actually played with these building blocks of creative imagination. There is no telling the number of engineers and also scientists were generated by these plastic foundation.Lego is identified with plastic toy blocks that can be easily changed into buildings, rocket ship, cars, watercrafts, trains and a myriad of various other playthings. The secret is that the child reaches assemble the toy from the fundamental building blocks. Each toy can be put together, dismantled and rebuilded in enough brand-new forms and types to tickle the creative imagination and also extend the youngster’s creative thinking.Today, Lego is far more that the easy blocks created in 1949. It is toys, theme parks, motion pictures, and CDs. Lego foundation and various other products are distributed

These little plastic blocks and also the company they have built, are a phenomenon with a success as amazing as Mickey Mouse.Where did Lego originate from and  how did it reach be such a crucial tool for youth creative thinking.Our tale starts in Billund, Denmark. It is 1932. Master carpenter and joiner Ole Kirk Kristiansen opened a brand-new company. His little company makes stepladders, ironing boards and wooden toys. He has  6 employees. Nobody could have pictured, but Lego and the little building blocks of creative imagination had actually  been birthed.Two years later on, Kristiansen embraced the name Lego as a trademark name for his playthings. The name is derived from the Danish words “leg godt,” which suggest “play well.” Paradoxically, he later on uncovered that loz mini blocks in Latin suggests “I put together.” Lego has actually truly concerned mean “created” and also “play well” in virtually every language. Right now, all of the business’s playthings were being made from wood.

In 1942, the Lego manufacturing facility shed to the ground. Kristiansen rebuilt.In 1947, the Lego Firm ended up being the very first firm in Denmark to get an injection-molding equipment. It started making plastic toy dolls and also various other toys. The popular bricks were yet to be created.It was not till 1949 that the Lego company presented the Automatic Binding Brick, a little plastic brick, some with four studs and some with eight. Right now, the business was generating around 200 different plastic playthings. The Automatic Binding Brick was marketed exclusively in Denmark.By 1950, plastic toys ended up being half of the company’s organisation. Ole Kirk’s child, Godtfred Kirk, that had worked in the business considering that age 12, was assigned jr vice president at age 30.In 1954, Godtfred Kirk made a trip to England to meet with a getting representative.

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