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Agave syrup is likewise called Agave nectar and is an instance of just how clever advertising and marketing can camouflage the reality when it pertains to health advantages of an item. Along with being marketed as a sugar substitute and used as an artificial sweetener that is apparently risk-free, it is likewise advertised as a low glycemic food that lures diabetics who are informed to lay off sweets. Agave products are discovered in tea, energy drinks and even wellness beverages. The items have tripled in number given that 2003 when they were initially introduced to the market. Agave is the most recent trend when it comes to sweetening agents. It has a fragile taste and takes less to sweeten foods or drinks than regular sugar.

The general public perception of Agave is that it is a healthy and balanced choice to sugar. As a boosting number of individuals are familiarizing the dangers of high fructose corn syrup and sweetening agents with chemicals that have actually been linked to cancer, they are determined for a healthy choice to their sugar food cravings. Via creative marketing, such firms as McCormick & Company have actually encouraged them that this product is simply what they are searching for.

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The Not-So-Sweet Reality

TheĀ agave plants are discovered in Mexico and is a derived from sap. This info alone seems to be enough to persuade the public that the item is natural. This is not the instance. Agave is not a natural food or an organic food, as has actually been indicated. Rather, it is a chemically processed sap that is nearly all fructose.

And, while lots of people are under the impression that Agave syrup is much better for them than sugar when it comes to calories, this is also not the situation. There are about 16 calories a teaspoon in Agave, which is basically the same as sugar. A lot more troubling is the truth that Agave syrup may not have a reduced glycemic index, as suggested by the advertising and marketing of the product. Depending upon just how much heat is used to process the syrup, it might consist of approximately 90 percent fructose. This is lower than the degrees of high fructose corn syrup; it is still a degree of fructose that can increase blood sugar levels. This can be specifically problematic for diabetics who might be under the impact that this syrup is a secure form of sugar for them.

There are numerous dangers of fructose in addition to elevating the blood sugar level and piling on empty calories. Health problems that are connected with fructose consist of hypertension, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, fragile bones, anemia, defective arteries and the checklist takes place. Fructose even boosts the quantity of uric acid in the blood which can cause heart problem. To make issues worse, there is much less quality assurance systems that check the production of Agave. Since it is not produced in the USA, quality control is not the very same when it involves production of the item.

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