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The cashew tree, occidental l, can develop to 40 feet tall in tropical atmospheres. It would not endure temperatures moving toward solidifying. The trees are local to tropical America from Mexico and the west independents to Brazil and Peru. They are very appealing, with expansive leaves and minimal pink blossoms. The organic products start to show up when the trees are around 3 years however come into full creation at around 8 to 10 years. The trees are currently developed in Africa, Vietnam and India for nut crops. In English, the natural products are called cashew apples; however there is no similarity to an apple. The part that resembles an organic product is really an extra natural product, and not a genuine organic product by any stretch of the imagination. The genuine organic product is the kidney formed projection containing the cashew nut that develops from the base end of the cashew apple.

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The meaty cashew apple looks like a pear fit as a fiddle with yellow, orange or ruddy skin. The skin and inward tissue are delicate, making the natural products unsatisfactory for transportation. The cashew nut is encompassed by a hard twofold shell packaging. Inside this shell is contained a profoundly harmful oil that can make extreme consumes the skin. On the off chance that one is extremely susceptible to this oil, ingestion could be deadly. It will at any rate cause a skin response in the vast majority. In view of the lethality of this oil, it influences expulsion of the cashew to nut troublesome. Automating this procedure has been unsuccessful, and must be finished by hand. The seed packaging must be warmed by legitimate cooking which will demolish the oil poisons. This procedure must be done outside, as the dangerous oils in the can squirt onto the skin or be discharged into the air and cause extreme lung harm, as when copying poison ivy. Truth be told the oils are artificially identified with the in harm ivy. Anybody sensitive to harm ivy has the likelihood of hypersensitivity to parts of the cashew.

On the off chance that done appropriately, the extraction of the cashew nut abandons them impeccably consumable. On the off chance that one marvel at the cost of hat dieu rang muoi vinanuts this is the motivation behind why. Cashew apples are very mouth puckering and abandon an odd inclination on the tongue. They are utilized to make reviving refreshments. They contain up to five times more vitamin c than oranges, in addition to a high measure of mineral salts. In nations where cashew apples are normal, utilization is making wine or other alcohol from the meaty extra natural products. In Guatemala, Maranon wine is made and utilized. One of the applications is its expansion to the mainstream marinade. In goad, India, there is an alcohol produced using these organic products. These beefy organic products can likewise be made into stick or different desserts, or dried.

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